NRSC - Now we know - 4 seats to REPEAL ObamaCare

The stakes just got higher.

With the Supreme Court upholding the legality of ObamaCare in a 5-4 decision today, Americans are now on the hook for the law’s billions in new taxes, job-destroying regulations, and trillion-dollar price tag.

President Obama’s assault on our liberty is now one step closer to being complete . . . 

. . . but this is not over – not by a longshot.

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Because while the Supreme Court may have ruled (mistakenly) that the law is legal, there’s one thing this law will never be: popular.

In fact, the American people are even more opposed to ObamaCare now than they were two years ago.

It's because as Nancy Pelosi famously said, "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it." And find out we did... premiums are skyrocketing, doctors are retiring early, and small businesses are forgoing hiring new workers.

 And so, our mission is now crystal clear:

We must elect a new Republican Senate Majority and REPEAL ObamaCare.

You have my firm pledge that this will be our first order of business after the election.

But we need your urgent financial help, so in the name of liberty, I ask you to make one generous gift to the NRSC right now using our secure credit card donation form.

The liberals have nowhere to hide – the American people are against ObamaCare, and we will campaign relentlessly against it. 

As long as we have the financial resources necessary, we WILL gain the 4 seats we need for a new Republican Majority, and we WILL get rid of ObamaCare.

So please make one urgent gift today. 

Thank you,


Senator John Cornyn
NRSC Chairman

P.S.  Remember, every single Republican Senator voted against ObamaCare, and we are committed to repealing the law as soon as possible.  And so, the only way to get rid of President Obama’s trillion-dollar, tax-raising, job-destroying health care law is to elect a new Senate Republican Senate Majority.  We can do it, but we need your help.  So please make one urgent gift to the NRSC right now.  Thank you.