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ObamaCare and School Choice
It's been a busy week here at the Josiah Bartlett Center. The news that has me the happiest this week is the legislature's decision to pass the School Choice Scholarship Act despite the governor's veto. Longtime friends will know we've been talking about school choice for the better part of nine years. If you're following my pontifications, you'll have noticed that I have returned again and again to the issue. Our research fellow Jason Bedrick did the research for programs like this and laid the framework for the current act. Why are we all so happy? This program will be a modest step for the state which will make an enormous difference in the lives of individual students. I believe this is the most important thing the legislature did this entire year.
But the national news was dominated by different news. The Supreme Court let the entire disaster of a federal health care law stand. It's still a really bad, convoluted, damaging law that ought to be repealed. It's just not unconstitutional.

Want to know more? I'm on the Exchange Friday morning from 9-10 a.m. on public radio (Click here to listen in). There are a lot of nuances to the court decision, some very good outcomes for the long term, and of course complex political implications. Go ahead listen and send me an email telling me what I got wrong (or perhaps right).
                                                                Hoping your weekend is as good as my week was,

ObamaCare Ruling Reaction
By JBC Board Member Peter Angerhofer

"...The real problem with ObamaCare is that it does not control costs — does not reduce the cost of providing care. It just rearranges who pays those costs and, in doing so, actually increases overall costs, increasing taxes, defunding Medicare, increasing utilization, and shifting costs onto individuals and states." Click here keep reading.

School Choice, Voter ID Overridden

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NH and the Healthcare Ruling

Discussion on the New Hampshire Impact

JBC President Charlie Arlinghaus joins Tom Bunnell and Dean Spiliotes to discuss yesterday's Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare. Click here to listen live at 9am
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