NHDP - State GOP Promises More O'Brien Tea Party Agenda If Romney Elected

State GOP Chair Wayne MacDonald said that Romney would "ensure" majorities in state Government


CONCORD - New Hampshire GOP Chairman Wayne MacDonald said that Mitt Romney "is going to ensure that we keep our majorities throughout state government," meaning more of Speaker Bill O'Brien's radical Tea Party agenda and disregard for middle class families.


"New Hampshire voters understand what is at stake this election: with Mitt Romney as President, Ovide Lamontagne as Governor and Bill O'Brien as Speaker of the House, there will be nothing stopping the radical agenda of the Tea Party from doing even more damage to New Hampshire," said Raymond Buckley, Chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "No rational voter in New Hampshire, seeing what Bill O'Brien and his allies in the House have done - and what Ovide Lamontagne says he would do - thinks that we need more."


Under his leadership, Bill O'Brien's House has put ideology over jobs and the economy, attaching a radical 24-hour waiting period for abortions to a bipartisan R&D tax credit; sponsoring giveaways to Big Tobacco by cutting cigarette taxes, costing the state millions; and created a culture of corruption, with one of O'Brien's top aides resigning for misusing government funds days before Majority Leader DJ Bettencourt resigned under scandal after allegedly falsifying law school documentation.


"New Hampshire cannot take another two years of Bill O'Brien at the rostrum, Ovide Lamontagne providing his rubber stamp in the corner office and Mitt Romney in the White House," Buckley said.  "The people of New Hampshire are speaking loud and clear that the Tea Party GOP is taking this state in an unacceptable direction.  It is time to restore commonsense leadership and results for the middle class to Concord and Washington."