Political Headlines - June 6, 2012

Here are the top POLITICAL headlines from today: 

  • Senator Brown casts vote against wage bill: Political reporter Bobby Caina Calvan reports on how women's issues play a role in hotly contested Senate races across the country, primarily Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown's take on the issue.     


  • Tea Party super PAC pours funds into congressional races: Political correspondent Callum Borchers writes about a super PAC that spent more than $5 million to help elect Tea Partiers to Congress in 2010 and has already surpassed that fund-raising total this election year, however it has not touched the presidential race


  • Who will bust the filibuster?: Columnist Scot Lehigh exclaims that it's time to explore which candidate, Senator Scott Brown or challenger Elizabeth Warren, is more intent on making the Senate work.


  • Senate teams clash over a schedule for debates: Though GOP Senator Scott Brown and Democrat Elizabeth Warren agreed to their first two primetime TV debates, they are at loggerheads over the rest of the schedule. Political reporter Noah Bierman explains.