NHDP - What's At Stake

Dear Friends,   


Bill O'Brien and his Tea Party circus in Concord have spent the last two years pushing forward a radical agenda aimed at rolling back public education, attacking women's healthcare, and repealing marriage equality.  And, in recent weeks, O'Brien's team has been plagued by scandal as both the House majority leader and a top staffer resigned in disgrace.


Undaunted, Bill O'Brien has refused to answer questions about these scandals and continues to attempt to push through his radical agenda.  With friends like Ovide Lamontagne and Kevin Smith pledging to rubberstamp the Bill O'Brien agenda, let us not forget what's at stake this November.    

What's At Stake


Tomorrow, the filing period opens and friends, family, and neighbors from all corners of New Hampshire will put their names on the ballot to stand up against the Bill O'Brien agenda.  We must work every day to support these candidates for Governor, State Senate, State House, and the Executive Council as they work to restore commonsense leadership and dignity to Concord. 


Your support of $100, $50, or $25 today is critical to stopping Bill O'Brien and helping us win on Election Day.


This November, the people of New Hampshire will have a clear choice - electing leaders who will move New Hampshire forward and continue Governor Lynch's steady leadership in Concord.  Or electing Tea Partiers who will continue to support Bill O'Brien's radical, ideological agenda. 


A contribution of $100, $50, or $25 today will give us the resources we need to win in November.


We can kick Bill O'Brien out of the Speaker's office in November -- with your help today.


Thank you for your generous support,



P.S.  Join our Sustaining Member program by donating each month helping us build the strongest party structure possible heading into November.  Your recurring monthly donation of $50, $25, or $10 is critical in helping us re-take the House and Senate and hold the Governor's Office.