State Budget Solutions Releases Guide to Collective Bargaining Reform

Alexandria, VA - Today, State Budget Solutions (SBS), a nonprofit organization advocating for fundamental reform of state budgets, released its recommendations for reforming collective bargaining laws for government employees. Author and President of SBS, Bob Williams, delved into the history of collective bargaining, problems associated with bargaining and reforms for unions.
“Government employees’ salaries and benefits, particularly pensions, are financially unsustainable in most states and collective bargaining reform is desperately needed,” said Williams. “Our goal with this paper is to simplify how state governments can reform collective bargaining and ensure that government employees are able to receive their pensions.”

State Budget Solutions found that the problems with government sector collective bargaining include monopoly power as private-sector bargaining is constrained by competition, globalization, lack of stability in management, difficulty with discipline and conflict between public records transparency and collective bargaining secrecy.
Suggested reforms for government unions include: voluntary association; no forced political speech; no state collection of union income; increased fiscal transparency and opening negotiations to the public.

“Wisconsin has made terrific stride in improving their budget stability since implementing collective bargaining reforms. Governors from across the country have realized the Day of Reckoning is now and are pushing for strong pension and/or collective bargaining reforms. State Budget Solutions urges state government to begin reforming collective bargaining before it is too late,” said Williams. “Collective bargaining reform is a power struggle, not a rights struggle. Now the only people with no power at the bargaining table are taxpayers.” 

To read Bob Williams’ full white paper click here

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Bob Williams, President of State Budget Solutions, is a former state legislator, gubernatorial candidate and auditor with the Government Accountability Office. To read Bob Williams full bio click here. 
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