Granite State Priorities - Statement on CACRs: Fund Priorities

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Statement on Votes Today on Constitutional Amendments

Granite State Priorities applauds the House vote against the education funding amendment (CACR 12), which would have taken away the fundamental right of every child to an education in our state.  CACR 12 would have guaranteed just two things: less education and more property taxes.

Granite State Priorities was gratified by the House's vote to defeat CACR 6, which would obstruct both funding for priorities like education and even sensible adjustments to our outdated tax code.

Granite State Priorities looks forward to a new legislature taking up the important work of funding our state's priorities.  "We are disappointed that, by advancing CACR 13 to the ballot, this House and Senate chose to restrict the options that future legislators may at some point want to consider to fund priorities like education," said Carol Backus, Granite State Priorities president.