Kevin Smith Comments on House Vote on Education Funding Amendment

MANCHESTER – Kevin Smith, Republican candidate for Governor, issued the following statement in response to the education funding Constitutional Amendments failure to receive three-fifths support in the House:

"Despite the fact that New Hampshire voters will not have the opportunity to fix the education funding in this state, there are still several reforms we can make to improve our schools. As Governor, I will not give up on passing an amendment to return the authority to fund education from the courts to the legislature, but that is only one piece in improving education in New Hampshire.

"We need to strengthen our public schools, empower families and provide greater choice in educating our children. We can do this by creating more flexibility for administrators and teachers, supporting charter schools, reforming tenure, and passing a voucher program. I've been talking about these issues consistently in my town hall meetings and wherever I meet voters. A Constitutional Amendment is necessary and we must not give up on making it a reality, but let's not lose sight of the fact that it's only a starting point. New Hampshire is falling behind many other states in reforming education, and as Governor, I will restore New Hampshire's position as a leader in public education." - Kevin Smith