NH GOP - DEMS DIVIDED: Where do Buckley's Candidates Stand on Ed. Amdt?

By Supporting Status Quo, Maggie & Jackie Stand United In Leading N.H. To An Income Tax

Concord, NH – With filing underway and Democrat Party Boss Ray Buckley touting his slate of candidates for office, New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald released the following statement asking where these 2012 candidates stand on the education amendment.

“Maggie Hassan and Jackie Cilley’s radical approach to education is to continue the status quo, even though it means we could see an income tax as a result.  This shows just how out of touch New Hampshire Democrats remain, but where do Ray Buckley’s candidates stand?

“Despite Governor Lynch’s support, Democrats running in 2012 seem to be falling in line with their far left candidates for governor instead of standing with voters who want a voice in how to make improvements to education.  Granite Staters should know where Democrat candidates stand.  Do they stand with parents and taxpayers or with Maggie and Jackie’s status quo plan which could lead to an income tax that will harm our economy and cut into families’ budgets?”

Background Info: “Democratic Candidates for Governor at Odds with Lynch on Proposed Education Funding Amendment,” New Hampshire Union Leader, 6/1/2012