NHDP - Democrats File for State Senate

15 Democrats filed their candidacies for State Senate at the

Secretary of State's office



CONCORD - In a show of organizational strength and enthusiasm, fifteen Democratic State Senate candidates filed their candidacies with the Secretary of State this morning.  


"There is an tremendous amount of excitement within the Democratic Party to restore practical solutions to the state Senate, and we have put forward an incredible field of candidates to do just that," said Raymond Buckley, Chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "Our field includes combat veterans, small business owners, educators, health care providers, experienced legislators and advocates from across the Granite State all ready, willing and able to run aggressive, grassroots campaigns, focusing on jobs and the middle class, to bring common sense back to Concord."


Three candidates, Senators Molly Kelly, Sylvia Larsen and Lou D'Allesandro, are running for re-election.  The balance of the field includes many dedicated public servants who have served their communities throughout their careers on the local and state level.


"As more and more voters begin to see the damage that the increasingly radicalized Tea Party majorities have done to New Hampshire, the more they align with the kind of commonsense, middle class-oriented solutions that the Democrats will provide," said Buckley.  "Members of this Senate have voted to allow companies to charge consumers 300 percent interest rates; cut funding for higher education in half; and to cut support for local schools as well as supporting Bill O'Brien's unconstitutional redistricting plan.  The people of New Hampshire are ready to put middle class solutions ahead of political point-scoring."


The candidates who filed today include:


District 3: Jeff Ballard is a combat veteran of Afghanistan and works as an Emergency Room RN at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital. He and his wife Stephanie live in Brookfield.


District 4: Rep. David Watters is serving his second term in the New Hampshire House and has been a professor at UNH for more than 30 years. He and his wife Jan Alberghene live in Dover.


District 5: Rep. David Pierce is in his third term in the New Hampshire House, where he serves on the House Election Law Committee. He and his partner of 20 years, Bob, live in Etna with their two daughters.


District 7: Andrew Hosmer was the Democratic nominee for State Senate District 7 in 2010. He runs a family-owned automotive business and lives in Laconia with his wife Donna and theirfour children.


District 10: Sen. Molly Kelly is serving her 3rd term representing District 10 in the State Senate. She currently serves on the Senate Education, Health and Human Services, and Transportation Committees. Sen. Kelly resides in Keene with her husband Art Luptowski.


District 12: Former Senator Peggy Gilmour served in the State Senate from 2008-2010. She has lived in Hollis for 39 years, where she worked in community-based health care and established the first hospice in southern New Hampshire.   

District 13: Former Senator Bette Lasky served in the Senate from 2008-2010. Previously she served five terms in the New Hampshire House, where she was the Assistant Majority leader from 2007-2008. She lives in Nashua with her husband Elliot.


District 15: Sen. Sylvia Larsen is the Senate Democratic Leader and has represented District 15 in the State Senate since 1994. She also served as Senate President from 2006-2010. She lives in Concord with her husband Bob.


District 17: Nancy Fraher, of Chichester, is a public school teacher who is retiring after 35 years of teaching. She is the past chair of the Chichester and SAU 53 School Boards.


District 18: Donna Soucy is a Manchester School Board member, former Alderman and State Representative. Donna also served as the Senate Chief of Staff from 2006-2010.


District 20: Sen. Lou D'Allesandro has represented District 20 in the State Senate since 1998. He is also a former Executive Councilor and State Representative. He lives in Manchester with his wife Pat and serves on the Senate Ways & Means Committee.


District 21: Former Senator Martha Fuller Clark served three terms in the Senate and six terms in the House. She lives in Portsmouth with her husband Geoff.


District 22: Victoria Czaia of Atkinson, who has taught overseas and is currently attending Southern New Hampshire University.


District 23: Carol Croteau is the founder and director of Bully Free NH and led the effort to pass the "Bullying Bill" through the NH legislature. She resides in Kingston.


District 24: Former Senator Bev Hollingworth has served as a state representative, executive councilor, and as a state senator. She lives in Hampton with her husband Bill Gilligan.


The following Democrats have announced their intent to file and will do so at another date:


District 1: Former NHDP Chairman Jeff Woodburn of Dalton

District 1: Former Rep. Paul Ingersoll of Berlin

District 2: Former Fleet Bank Executive and Veteran Bob Lamb

District 5: Claremont School Board member and firefighter Brian Rapp

District 6: Pharmacist Rich Leonard of New Durham

District 9: Attorney and New Boston Town Moderator Lee Nyquist

District 16: Former Manchester School Board member Kathleen Kelley