Statement of Maggie Hassan on the House’s Failure to Pass the Education Funding Amendment

MANCHESTER, NH – Maggie Hassan today released the following statement after the House voted against the constitutional amendment on education funding (CACR 12):

“Education is the cornerstone of a thriving, innovative New Hampshire economy.  In the state Senate I worked to pass an education funding plan that ended 15 years of lawsuits, directed more money to children with greater needs and made kindergarten available to every child in the state.”

“As Governor, I will continue the progress we’ve made, and focus on improving the quality of education we offer all our children.”

“Unfortunately, Ovide Lamontagne has a very different approach. He supports allowing the state to walk away from its responsibility to public schools, while at the same he favors sending millions in taxpayer money to private schools. That’s the wrong direction for our state. I will work to keep moving us forward by building an innovative economy that allows middle class families to succeed.”