CEI Weekly: Scott Walker Wins Recall Election

Friday, June 8, 2012



Feature: CEI Labor Policy Counsel Vincent Vernuccio discussed the victory in a Fox Business phone interview on Tuesday night.

FEATURE: Scott Walker Wins Recall Election


Governor Scott Walker was victorious in the Wisconsin recall election Tuesday night. The victory happened to coincide with CEI's annual dinner, where CEI President Fred Smith announced the good news. Meanwhile, several CEI analysts took a break from festivities to report on the election results. Here are highlights:


Vincent Vernuccio on Fox Business' Cavuto

Bill Frezza in Forbes

Iain Murray in The Daily Mail






Modest Doesn't Describe the CISPA

Ryan Radia's letter to the editor in The Wall Street Journal


Ten Thousand Commandments and Growing

Wayne Crews & Ryan Young's op-ed in The Washington Times


Washington's Ten Thousand Commandments

Ryan Young & Wayne Crews' op-ed in The American Spectator


Would Don Draper Hate Today's Corporate Campaigns?

Writeup of the CEI Dinner in The Washington Post Blogs


At Mad Men Gala, Paul Ryan Says the Election Is Relitigating the Enlightenment

Write-up of the CEI Dinner in Yahoo News


Deja Vu Rules the Day For House Conferees

Marc Scribner's citation in Politico


Interview with Fred Campbell of CLIP

Fred Campbell's interview in RedState


Former FCC Official Takes Stance Against FCC's Possible 4G LTE Technology Mandate

Fred Campbell's citation in The Daily Caller









June 7, 2012: MACT the Knife


A new EPA regulation, the Utility MACT, is intended to cut mercury pollution from coal-fired power plants. According to the EPA’s own estimates, the rule is one of the most expensive in history. Are the costs worth it? Policy Analyst David Bier, co-author of a forthcoming CEI study, thinks the answer is no.