AFP - A Welfare Bill in Disguise

Policymakers say that the Farm Bill is about helping farms, but this just isn’t true.

In reality, the Farm Bill is a big welfare bill in disguise. The “Farm Bill” label merely allows the ever-growing spending on welfare programs to cause the price tag for the entire package to swell, contributing to our nation’s budget woes. 

Before we can improve U.S. farm policy, we first need to recognize that the Farm Bill is a giant welfare bill, and it needs serious change.

Contact your Representatives today and tell them to “Trim the Fat!” in the Bloated Farm Bill.

It’s hard to believe, but the numbers show that a whopping eighty percent of Farm Bill spending goes toward food stamp and nutrition programs.  The rest is welfare of a different kind: corporate welfare. The bill includes pork-like programs that do more to support special interests than small farmers, since the benefits go toward the biggest and best-connected farms that know how to navigate the Washington maze.

Every five years Congress must vote to reauthorize these USDA programs or watch them expire, meaning that the so-called Farm Bill is an opportunity to make serious reforms and real cuts to the billions we waste on farm subsidies and food stamps.

The Senate already rammed the Farm Bill through, and they failed to make meaningful cuts. The
House of Representatives is expected to take up the issue this week, and they need to hear from you that you oppose spending hundreds of billions of dollars on even more food and farm welfare.

Click here right now to tell your Representative to “Trim the Fat!” in this giant welfare bill in disguise.