Extreme Anti-Choice Activist Gordon Humphrey Supports Ovide Lamontagne for Governor

Will Ovide Now Come Clean About His Anti-Choice Agenda?


CONCORD - Ovide Lamontagne should come clean about his anti-choice agenda as he accepts the endorsement of extreme anti-choice activist former U.S. Senator Gordon Humphrey, New Hampshire Democratic Party officials said today.


"Ovide Lamontagne supports an amendment to the constitution that would make abortion a crime in all cases, including rape and incest, and that would even criminalize some forms of birth control and fertility treatments," said Collin Gately, spokesman for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "But he has been trying to hide his extreme agenda, refusing to say where he stands on important issues like funding Planned Parenthood. It's time for Ovide Lamontagne to be clear with the people of New Hampshire about his anti-choice views, and what those views would mean to their lives."


As a U.S. Senator, Humphrey supported efforts to de-fund Planned Parenthood, even going against officials in the Reagan administration to further the effort. Humphrey even backed Operation Rescue Founder Randall Terry in his congressional campaign.


Humphrey said that he was endorsing Lamontagne because of his stand on "liberty and freedom."


"The women of New Hampshire have the right to know that Ovide Lamontagne's agenda includes taking away their freedom and liberty to make their own health care choices," Gately said. "Ovide Lamontagne should be honest about his views, starting with telling people where he stands on defunding Planned Parenthood."