NHDP Launches New Web Ad and Viral Campaign "College vs. Smokes"

Ad calls out Ovide, NH GOP for championing the wrong priorities for middle-class families, like making education more expensive, cigarettes cheaper


CONCORD - The New Hampshire Democratic Party today announced that it has launched a new web ad "College vs. Smokes" to highlight the wrong priorities of Ovide Lamontagne and the GOP majority legislature.


The ad highlights a few of the pieces of extreme legislation that Speaker Bill O'Brien's Tea Party legislature pushed for this year. Ovide Lamontagne has promised to be a governor who will work with Bill O'Brien.


The GOP legislature cutting for higher education in half while slashing the tobacco tax. They voted to let companies charge over 300 percent interest on loans and to let oil companies take pre-buy money from consumers and never deliver their oil. They voted to cut funding for private schools while sending millions of dollars to private, religious schools. They supported repealing kindergarten, ending compulsory education, defunding Planned Parenthood and eliminating insurance coverage for birth control.


The O'Brien Legislature even supported a state takeover of Medicare which gubernatorial candidate Ovide Lamotnagne has called one of his top priorities if elected Governor. 


The ad and accompanying hashtag campaign  - #VoteThemOut - was released on Youtube late last week.  Viewers are encouraged to share the video over social networks like Facebook and Twitter with the hashtags #VoteThemOut and #Nov6 to show their support for restoring commonsense and civility to Concord in the November elections.


Watch the video HERE


Votes: (HB 160, 1/4/12);
(HB581, 1/4/2012); (SB 372, 4/16/12); (HB 631, 2/12/12); (HB 542, 3/15/12); (HB 228, 1/5/12); (HB 1564, 3/7/12); (HB 1560, 3/28/12).