U.S. Senator Gordon Humphrey Endorses Ovide for Governor

Calls Ovide a "conservative champion" with "experience and optimistic vision"

Manchester, NH - Two-term U.S. Sen. Gordon Humphrey today announced his support of Ovide Lamontagne for Governor.

“I am proud to endorse Ovide Lamontagne for Governor," said Sen. Humphrey.  "Ovide is a conservative champion and a defender of freedom and liberty, whose honor and integrity are well known.  After years of lagging leadership in Concord, Ovide is the kind of tell it like it is leader that New Hampshire voters are searching for.  Voters can trust and rely on Ovide, and his experience and optimistic vision for our state’s future set him clearly apart.  I look forward to working with Ovide in the weeks and months ahead, to help him deliver badly needed reform to Concord.”

Sen. Humphrey represented New Hampshire in the U.S. Senate from 1979 to 1990.  He declined to run for reelection in 1990, fulfilling a campaign promise to limit himself to two terms.  He voted against the federal budget all 12 years he was in the Senate because each ran a deficit.  Sen. Humphrey was later elected to the state senate, the only former U.S. Senator to sit as a state senator, and was the Republican nominee for Governor in 2000.

"Sen. Humphrey and his wife Patti have been fighting for conservative principles for nearly four decades and Bettie and I are grateful for their support, counsel and most importantly their friendship," said Ovide Lamontagne, Republican candidate for Governor.  "Sen Humphrey's principled stands for balanced budgets and smaller government during his time in Washington were commendable and we only wish more had followed his example.  As Governor, I will bring that same commitment to fiscal discipline to the corner office in Concord."