Bradley Jardis will restore Coös county sheriff ’s constitutional focus on the rule of law

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As a Lifelong New Hampshire Resident, Longtime Peace Officer and Well-Educated Advocate,
Jardis is Ideal for Sheriff Job

GORHAM, N.H.—Gorham resident Bradley Jardis, a lifelong citizen of New Hampshire, longtime peace officer and tireless advocate for the rule of law, is asking the good people of Coös County to elect him as their next Coös County Sheriff.

Jardis, 31, a Police Academy graduate who served as a law enforcement officer for 11 years in South Hampton, Newton and Epping, is running for Coös County Sheriff to restore the office’s constitutional role; namely, to make sure all government officials are accountable to the people they serve and that all citizens, regardless of their status or position, are treated equally under the law. He brings to the position his extensive knowledge of state and federal law, his experience serving as a law enforcement officer and his experience serving successfully as an attorney-in-fact in New Hampshire’s court system.

“The county sheriff’s office should be used as a vital tool to defend citizens’ statutory, constitutional and natural rights,” said Bradley Jardis, a Gorham Republican and former New Hampshire peace officer. “As a longtime student of federal, state, local and administrative law, when combined with my practical experience working in law enforcement, I am in a unique position to know and understand the true limits of government authority.

“Most people cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on a lawyer if they believe their rights have been violated,” Jardis added. “While I would be prohibited by law from representing citizens in court as a Sheriff, I would use every legal and constitutional means to stand with the citizens of Coös County, to educate them on their rights and to help them realize true justice in any other way I can.”

As Sheriff, Jardis pledges to use professionalism, fiscal prudence and constitutional knowledge and respect to manage the day-to-day operations of the County Sheriff’s Department, which are clearly defined by state law, judicial orders and orders from the N.H. Attorney General, who is a county sheriff’s commanding officer. He plans to give special attention to the legal rights of all citizens, seniors and the disabled, veterans, government employees, people who are in jail and his own staff.

Jardis also pledges to retain all current special deputies on staff and said he would strive to increase use of the special deputation process as permitted by law and New Hampshire Police Standards and Training rules so that more peace officers can protect the safety and liberty of the residents of Coös County and their property.

“Rather than continue the culture in New Hampshire that discourages whistle blowing and protects the ‘good-old-boys’ network, I will specifically protect the right of all government employees—but especially my staff—to challenge, oppose, favor, or detest any government policy at any time, even if that policy is my own,” Jardis said. “The county sheriff is perfectly positioned as an elected constitutional officer, and as such, he is fully accountable to the people who elect him. I intend to use the powers of the Coös County Sheriff office to make sure that everyone is treated equally under the law and that the constitutions of the United States and New Hampshire are upheld.”

Besides his work in law enforcement, Jardis has experience as a citizen advocate for justice. The candidate achieved worldwide attention for standing up to the University System of New Hampshire’s unconstitutional and unlawful firearms policy and he also successfully represented a Keene journalist as an attorney-in-fact when that journalist’s First Amendment right was violated by a corrupt court order. The journalist was facing a two-year prison sentence, but has now been vindicated thanks to Jardis.


About Bradley Jardis
Coös County Sheriff candidate Bradley Jardis, a lifelong resident of New Hampshire who was born in Exeter on Oct. 17, 1980, lives with his wife Ashley in Gorham. Jardis graduated from the New Hampshire Police Academy and faithfully served for 11 years as a law enforcement officer in South Hampton, Newton and Epping. As a peace officer and subsequent to his employment, Jardis has been very active in government policy reform, specifically as a defender of the First Amendment, evidence-based science in crime fighting, individual liberty and the due process of law. He has also successfully served as an attorney-in-fact within the New Hampshire Court System, and has extensive knowledge of federal, state, local and administrative law. As Sheriff, Jardis’s first commitment will be to the rule of law under the U.S. and N.H. constitutions. For more information about Bradley Jardis’s campaign for Coös County Sheriff, please visit his Web site, Paid for by Friends of Bradley Jardis. Bradley Jardis Fiscal Agent.