Ulery Scores "A" on AFP Score Card

The Americans For Prosperity (AFP) non-partisan advocacy group rated the New Hampshire General Court on specific legislative initiatives for the last term of the General Court.  Representative Jordan Ulery of Hudson and Pelham (Hillsborough-27) was given an A score.  This is classified as an Advocate of Prosperity by the nationwide group. http://americansforprosperity.org/new-hampshire/files/2012/07/GradeSynopsis_House-_2_.pdf

The scoring was based upon the actual vote on several specific House or Senate bill including, but not limited to CACR 6, CACR 13, HB1418, SB229.  The complete list can be found at http://americansforprosperity.org/new-hampshire/files/2012/07/CRL_LegScoreCardTEXT_2012-_2_.pdf

Ulery was the Prime Sponsor of an innovative method of approving the Budget which failed to survive a veto by Governor Lynch.  CACR 6 would have placed before the voters of New Hampshire the opportunity to demand that any bill to raise taxes or fees imposed upon the residents of New Hampshire be passed with a 3/5 majority.  That is the same ratio by which may other actions of the General Court take place.  Said Ulery “It seems only right that if the Legislature is going to take money from resident’s pocket there should be a good enough reason that the supermajority of the members would agree.”  Critics stated that the bill would have limited the “flexibility” of the Legislature, to which Ulery responded “Flexibility in this context means ‘limit the ability to easily raise taxes’”

Working in the Ways and Means Committee Ulery was very active in Committee session and behind the scene discussions which lead to the passage of many of the bills that increases the prosperity of Granite Staters.  Representative Ulery commented that he was pleased with the recognition that AFP gave to the work he undertook on behalf of the residents of Hudson and Pelham and District 27 in the past session.

Jordan Ulery is a Representative from Hillsborough County District 27.  He sits on the Ways and Means Committee of the House and is a member of the Legislative Ethics Committee as well.  He is the Vice-Chair of the Hillsborough County Delegation Executive Committee.


Jordan Ulery


NH State Representative

162nd General Court