Hassan Builds Field Staff

I have some very exciting new to share!

This week, Maggie’s team grew again; we added four field organizers to Team Hassan.  Brandi, Jessie, Mary Ellen, and Zack will be working day and night with our strong volunteer force to spread Maggie’s message to every corner of the state. 

Matt, with your continued help, these staff will be working around the clock to make phone calls, put up yard signs, hold house parties, and talk to voters door-to-door.


Will you help them get Maggie’s message out throughout the summer and fall?

$5.00 will buy clipboards for our organizers to use when going door-to-door.

$39.99 buys one cell phone to make calls to undecided voters in New Hampshire.

$212.00 covers the cost of enough yard signs for one town in New Hampshire.

The summer is almost half-way over and we are working harder and longer every day.  We have 61 days left until the primary and Maggie and our staff will be working every one of those days to make sure we have a Governor who will lead New Hampshire forward.  

Matt, will you help us by making a contribution of what you can afford today?

Thank you.

Matt Burgess
Campaign Manager