NH GOP - ABUSE OF PUBLIC TRUST: Democrat Reardon "Manipulated System" to Benefit Family Member

Hassan & Cilley Should Rebuke This Dishonest Pattern of Behavior

Concord, NH – Despite promises to be fair, honest and transparent, New Hampshire Democrats once again prove that crony nepotism is a driving force in their government.  The Nashua Telegraph reports today that “Employment Security Commissioner Tara Reardon had her daughter hired for a part-time summer job and ordered a subordinate to lay her off so she could collect unemployment benefits. . . . In the complaint, two co-workers charged Reardon with violating the state’s anti-nepotism law and executive branch ethics rules.”

“Maggie Hassan and Jackie Cilley say they represent the party that looks out for the middle class, but the reality is that they remain the party that curries favors and cares so little about taxpayer dollars that they believe it’s okay to break the rules for family and give handouts,” said New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald.  “Maggie and Jackie should show some leadership and rebuke this dishonest behavior because this scam is a slap in the face to the tens of thousands of Granite Staters who are unemployed and have been looking for a job for months.”

The Telegraph report is based on a whistleblower complaint which says people were directed to keep Reardon’s dishonest plan in “complete secrecy.”  Reardon’s scheme to manipulate the system and abuse taxpayer dollars to her family’s benefit has left in its wake a list of questions for other New Hampshire Democrats to answer.  This seems to be a pattern at the Commission, as the Telegraph also reports: “At issue is whether Reardon and [Darrell] Gates violated the anti-nepotism law by directing subordinates to process both daughters as layoffs when the original personnel plan was Kelsey Gates would be fired and Whitney Flanders would quit at the end of her summer internship.”

Lee Nyquist is the chairman of the Unemployment Compensation Advisory Council and a Democrat candidate for the district nine state Senate seat.

“This gets to more than crony nepotism.  It also gets to the heart of the Democrat Party which continues to demonstrate a complete lack of responsibility with taxpayer dollars,” Chairman MacDonald added.  “But, more to the point, who else knew about this and when?  Chairman Nyquist has a responsibility to ask tough questions and hold government accountable.  The people of New Hampshire deserve to know more about this scam, and Chairman Nyquist should say one way or another if he knew about it, what he knew and when.”

To read Kevin Landrigan’s full report in today’s Nashua Telegraph, click here: http://is.gd/tYLqex