NHDP - Bill O'Brien Slams the Door on Free Speech

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Bill O'Brien once again made headlines and set a new, frightening precedent for New Hampshire when he banned  two Concord Monitor reporters from entering a press conference in his office in the State House.  For decades, under both Democratic and Republican leadership, the New Hampshire State House has been an open setting where legislators, members of the press, and constituents freely interacted.  Under Bill O'Brien's reign, this tradition has come to a grinding halt and people are taking notice. 


It is critical that we have the resources to restore openness and integrity to the People's House this November and retire Bill O'Brien as Speaker.  Your contribution today ensures we are prepared for victory on Election Day.


The Portsmouth Herald commented on O'Brien's press conference saying, "In some ways, the moment symbolized his failed tenure as speaker, a decent idea obscured by petty vindictiveness." 


"Well, he made the news of the day alright, but it was as much about him acting like schoolyard ninny and playing a childish game of keep away" is how the Nashua Telegraph described O'Brien's antics.  


And even the Union Leader called out Bill O'Brien for blocking access to the Concord Monitor noting, "O'Brien is the speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, not a business executive.  He is answerable directly to the people, and the way the people access the speaker's office is through the state's media outlets.  Shutting out the Monitor does not punish the paper, it punishes the paper's readers." 


Foster's Daily Democrat summarizes Bill O'Brien's tenure as speaker saying, "It is unfortunate for the residents of Mont Vernon - and the state as a whole - that O'Brien has failed to measure up to the responsibilities given him as state representative and Speaker.  That said, it will be even more of an embarrassment if, later this year, the voters of Mont Vernon return him to office. And in the unlikely event that happens, God forbid that House membership should even momentarily think of returning him to the Speaker's chair."


New Hampshire can do better than Speaker Bill O'Brien.  This November, we can return to Concord an open and honest government led by the commonsense leaders that New Hampshire residents deserve.   


 Your support of $100, $50, or $25 today will help bring about these critical changes on Election Day.


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