Free Keene News - Impeachment One Step Closer for Judge Arnold & Keene School Board Rejects Veterans' Request for Access to KHS

Grievance Panel Recommends Impeachment Investigation Against Judge John P. Arnold

Vote was 9-1.  After months of meetings, including one to which Judge John P. Arnold was invited and did not attend, the Grievance Panel has voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to recommend the house proceed with an impeachment investigation against Arnold.  The full house will now need to vote for said investigation.  Once the full investigation opens, others who have grievances agains John P. Arnold (and there are plenty of his victims around) will be able to bring them forth. 

Keene School Board Refuses to Allow Veteran-Operated Counter Recruiting Tables

Board Ignores Court Precedence.  It took months, but an official answer was finally given Tuesday night to miltary veterans who would like to tell their stories to high-schoolers to counteract the propaganda of the military recruiters, which students are subjected to several times per school year.  The Keene school board refused to allow the veterans into the schools, claiming that the court cases I cited from the NYCLU ( did not bind them, and they were not going to do anything because they have people from other careers speak to the students so that gives them choice of what to do after school.  I asked how many times the recruiters were there each year and was told a half dozen.  I also asked how many career days they have and was told last year they had zero and the year before, one.  There was further discussion regarding how other careers being promoted on campus is not the same as veterans coming into the school to tell their stories.  Here's video of the relevant portion of the meeting:

NH Peace Action will consult with the NHCLU regarding possible legal action against the Keene school board.