NH GOP - Hassan, Cilley: Silent to Protect Their Own

The Dems' Duckin' & Dodgin' Duo Remains Silent To Protect Their Own

Despite Democrats' promise to be "squeaky clean" when it comes to government oversight and integrity, there's a growing pattern of abuse and deceitful behavior in Governor John Lynch's administration.  As today's New Hampshire Union Leader reports: "Charges of nepotism, conflict-of-interest and misuse of agency funds have led to the resignation of Department of Employment Security Commissioner Tara Reardon and placed a cloud over the head of Deputy Commissioner Darrell Gates."

With such serious allegations about nepotism, unethical conduct and abuse of taxpayer dollars for personal gain, the Democrats two dueling candidates for the corner office remain silent.  This failure of leadership by Maggie Hassan and Jackie Cilley is just more proof why Granite Staters simply cannot trust Ray Buckley's Democrat Party when it comes to responsible government and holding people accountable.

Will this duckin' and dodgin' duo show some leadership today and rebuke this flagrant abuse of public trust that has been called "the most serious scandal of [Lynch's] administration"?  Or will they remain silent to protect one of their own?  The hard truth that is transparent to voters today, as Maggie and Jackie look to distance themselves from Lynch's failure, is this: If we can't trust Hassan and Cilley to stand up for what is right in this disgraceful situation, can we ever count on them?

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