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Dear Friends,
As another week of beautiful summer weather comes to a close, I hope everyone has a chance to get out this weekend and enjoy everything that New Hampshire's scenic environment has to offer.  Not only is New Hampshire's landscape beautiful, but outdoor recreation is a prosperous industry providing vital jobs for New Hampshire's economy. This Wednesday, I wrote in the Littleton Courier about this very issue. Check out the article here.
As we enjoy the hot summer weather, don't forget that campaign season is heating up too! If you have an hour or two, please consider joining our campaign this week for a phone bank at our Campaign Headquarters in Concord! Click here to sign up or call our campaign office at 226-6000.
On the trail...

Our campaign had a busy weekend marching in parades in Bristol and Bradford. 
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Thanks to everyone who joined our campaign in the parades. Great to see so many people out enjoying the celebration too!
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Charlie also stopped by the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers Picnic in Hillsboro. Thanks to Ed Naile and everyone else there for the warm reception!


From the papers...


Thanks to Eric Brandolini of Georges Mills for the kind words in his letter to the editor in the Union Leader on Wednesday. Here's a bit of what he had to say... 


"Congressman Bass knows how to make Washington work, and as a conservative, is committed to getting this country on the right fiscal path by creating jobs for all Americans, including here in the Granite State. Bass has also taken the time to listen to our thoughts and understand the issues critical to the people of New Hampshire by holding many town hall meetings throughout the district.


I thank Congressman Bass for his continued support of the middle class and for making himself available to the people who elected him. When November rolls around, the man who can represent New Hampshire's second district is, without a doubt, Congressman Charlie Bass. I hope you will join me in supporting him in the upcoming election."


Few things are as powerful as a letter in the newspaper showing support for the work Charlie is doing both in New Hampshire and Washington. Please consider sending a letter to the newspapers in your area. 


If you need assistance with how best to submit your letter, please don't hesitate to contact Joe Doiron at and he will be happy to help.


Volunteer of the Week...
Meet Tristyn from Lebanon. Tristyn is a college student studying psychology and is an active member of her sorority. Tristyn has been been a key member of our parade team and marched with us in the Bradford parade on Saturday. We thank Tristyn for her efforts and are proud to name Tristyn as our Volunteer of the Week! 
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