Free Keene News - VIDEO: Manchester Judge Jails Man Despite Evidence of Court Clerk Paperwork Mistake

Manchester Judge Ignores Evidence, Jails FK's Ademo

Despite being presented with proof that the superior court sent a hearing notice to an address that didn't exist, judge Lyons sends a man to jail.  At best, it was a clerical error that sent Ademo Freeman’s notice of jury selection from Manchester superior court to 47 Schultz Street, an address that does not exist in Keene. At worst, it was a deliberate attempt to deny his right to a jury trial in the Chalking 8 case. Though the post office informed the court that the notification was not delivered, no further attempt was made to contact Ademo about the hearing that he had requested. As a result, on Wednesday, Judge Lyons ordered him caged for 60 days without consideration of the court’s error. He passed the buck to the supreme court, advising that the only challenge to the imposition of the sentence could be made through the third, and highest layer of NH judiciary.

Court video is here:

Another detailed account of the scene is here:

Unless the supreme court intervenes, Ademo will serve sixty days, possibly forty if afforded all of his good time.