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Last year, the state’s revenue estimates were a controversial part of the budget process. With the first of the budget’s two fiscal years under our belt, it’s hard to see what all the fuss was about. The state seems to have returned to cautious budgeting and avoiding the major planning failure that decimated the state budget over the previous four years and created a huge deficit.... Click here to keep reading.

NH Towns often Stuck with Campaign Bills
Who pays when the President comes to town?

New Hampshire is used to welcoming sitting Presidents, often as they campaign for a second term. But a visit from Air Force One comes with motorcades, increased security, and unexpected overtime for local police departments. While local officials across the state are happy to host Presidential candidates, several towns have tried to collect from the campaigns for their extra expenses. Click here keep reading.

Good Revenue Estimates Payoff

Charlie Arlinghaus tells Jack Heath why last year’s decision to adopt cautious revenue estimates means New Hampshire isn’t facing a budget crisis for the first time in five years. Click Here to Listen.

Three Takeaways from the June Unemployment Figures

Holds at 8.2%, but troubling trends abound

The first Friday of the month, the Department of Labor issues its monthly jobs reports. Most of the time the media just reports on the unemployment rate, but did you know that it is just one of a treasure trove of data released? Click here to read our three takeaways you didn't hear on the news.