Sen. Bob Odell Endorses Ovide for Governor

Joins growing team of legislative leaders supporting Lamontagne
Manchester, NH – The Ovide for Governor campaign today announced the endorsement of five-term state Sen. Bob Odell of Lempster.  Odell is the founder and chairman of Odell, Simms & Lynch Inc., an international leader in not-for-profit fund-raising strategy and management, public interest advocacy and economic development. 
"I support Ovide because of his ability to reach out and connect to a wide range of New Hampshire voters,” said Sen. Odell.  “Voters of all political stripes are concerned about our state’s future and they want to elect a leader who understands those concerns and can work with anyone – Republican, Independent, or Democrat – towards a better New Hampshire.  Ovide will bring us back to being a state where we can respect each others viewpoints and will pull us together to achieve common goals.”
Sen. Odell, who is chairman of both the Senate Ways & Means Committee and the Energy & Natural Resources Committee as well as Vice-Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, is the eighth state Senator to endorse Ovide for Governor.
"I want to thank Senator Odell for his endorsement and his faith in me,” said Lamontagne.  “Sen. Odell is a true New Hampshire statesman; respected by both parties for his understanding of the legislative process and his ability to cut to the heart of a problem and bring about real solutions.” 
Lamontagne continued, “I am a lifelong conservative, proven and tested, and as Governor I will be guided by my conservative principles.  However, I am committed to being a Governor for all the people of New Hampshire, with an open door to anyone, regardless of party, who wants to work with me to make New Hampshire the exceptional state we all know it can be.  As a leader in the state Senate, I look forward to having Senator Odell’s support in that effort and am proud to have him as a member of my campaign team.”
Sen. Odell joins Sens. Bradley, Barnes, Boutin, DeBlois, Forsythe, Groen and Luther in endorsing Ovide for Governor.