Young Americans for Romney Kick Off

Last night, more than 50 students and young professionals packed into the Bedford Victory office for the kickoff event of the Young Americans for Romney coalition. State Representatives Marilinda Garcia and Adam Schroadter fired up the crowd with a pep talk before the group made thousands of voter contact calls and knocked on doors throughout the county. Across the 8 Victory offices in the state, more coalitions will also be rolling out in the coming weeks to help propel Mitt Romney and the GOP ticket to success in the Granite State.

Students are entering an uncertain job market as seen with the youth unemployment rate nationally for people ages 16-24 is at 16.5%. Young Americans deserve better prospects and opportunities to succeed in this country, and President Obama has failed to provide stability for job creators and job seekers.

“I’m very excited to be here for the kickoff of the Young Americans for Romney. It’s energizing to see this many students and especially young professionals involved, because this election is going to come down to the economy. As President Obama has left our generation with tremendous levels unemployment, debt, and dire job prospects coming out of college, we need true leadership to turn this economy around. Governor Romney is the best choice for getting this young group onto promising career paths. As a business owner, I have seen firsthand how the regulations from Washington have stifled growth, and how they have forced businesses to deal with red tape, robbing them of valuable time and resources that could have been used to hire new employees,” Adam Schroadter, Small Business owner and State Representative

“It’s exciting to see this much enthusiastic youth involvement in a presidential election here in New Hampshire. For young people to be making phone calls in the office rather than having fun at the beach, it is a really good indicator that they see the importance and urgency of this election. They clearly understand the negative impact Obama’s decisions have had on this country and this state. I and all of the young people here are going to do our best to change the current occupant of the White House for our sake,” Marilinda Garcia, State Representative