First Principles NH - The Myth of the Conservative War on Women

CONCORD -  Today, Karen Testerman of First Principles joined other conservative women at a press conference held by Family Research Council (FRC) and Heritage Foundation in front of the State House to called upon President Obama and the current administration to put an end to the war on women.  President Obama and his fellow liberals have accused conservatives and their leaders of waging a war on women.  The real war is waged by the current administration through their policy and regulations.
Concluding her remarks, Mrs. Testerman noted, “In 1987, President Ronald Reagan went to Berlin, Germany and called on Mr. Gorbachev to “tear down this wall.”  Today, from the front of the NH State House, I say, Mr. Obama, “STOP YOUR WAR ON WOMEN!!!””
Genevieve Wood, vice president at The Heritage Foundation, said:


“From health care to the economy, the policies promoted by this administration and their allies on the left are a direct attack on individual freedom and free enterprise – and that is a threat to all Americans, including women.”


FRC and The Heritage Foundation are in the midst of a nationwide bus tour until the Nov. 6 elections. Their “Values Bus” tour is raising awareness about critical values issues that must be addressed by the next president and Congress. Heritage is educating voters about “Saving the American Dream”—its blueprint for reforming health care and restoring fiscal responsibility to Washington, D.C. The FRC is registering voters and signing up “Champions” to lead voter registration drives.  
Speakers included:
Connie Mackey, FRC Action
Karen Testerman, First Principles of NH
Jessica Anderson, Heritage Action
Shannon McGinley, Cornerstone of NH
Susan Olsen, Smart Girl Politics, Candidate for NH State House (Merrimack 7)
Jane Cromier, Candidate for NH State House (Belknap 8)
Verity Swayne, Families Across NH and NH Federation of Republican Women
Nancy Elliott, Former State Representative 
Honorable Susan Delemus, State Representative (Strafford 11)