NRSC - They have resorted to threats.

The Democrat campaign against the middle class has reached a new low.

In a series of recent speeches and announcements, Senate Democrats have threatened to push our economy off a “fiscal cliff” unless we allow them to raise taxes on small businesses.

Here’s the situation: unless new legislation is passed in a “lame duck” session after the election, the tax cuts from 2001 and 2003 will expire, socking families and small businesses with a huge tax hike.

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On top of that, severe cuts to the military’s budget are set to take place.  President Obama’s own Defense Secretary calls these cuts “devastating.”

Senate Republicans want to avoid these defense cuts and protect millions of Americans from a punishing tax increase.

But the Democrats are refusing to even discuss a deal unless we agree to a major tax hike right up front.

The Democrats are so addicted to taxes that they are willing to hold military families, veterans’ health care, and millions of jobs hostage.

And they need to hear from you.  That’s why I am asking you to please:

  1. Add your name to our Stop the Obama Tax Hike Petition, and
  2. Make one urgent financial gift of $50, $125 or $250 to the NRSC right now.

Just today, more data came out proving that “Obamanomics” is failing.  The economy appears weaker than ever as retail sales dropped off.  The last thing the American people need is a higher tax bill!

Your name on our PETITION will help Republican Senators hold the line in Washington against new taxes.

And your generous campaign gift will help us gain the 4 seats we need for a new Republican Majority that will cut taxes, roll back spending, repeal ObamaCare, and create real private-sector jobs.