Political Headlines - July 17, 2012

Here are the top POLITICAL headlines from today: 

  • Mitt Romney using a 'day-to-day' defense on Bain: Political correspondent Callum Borchers writes that in recent days, Romney and his defenders have begun to say Romney left his "day-to-day" duties at Bain Capital when he took over the Salt Lake City Olympics in February 1999.


  • VP buzz builds around Mitt Romney: political editor Glen Johnson writes about Romney's visit with Bobby Jindal in Louisiana which fueled speculation about who would get the number two spot on the ticket, with an aide hinting the choice could come this week



  • Mitt Romney's Bain Capital years pose a target: Political reporter Brian C. Mooney states, "President Obama and his reelection campaign are betting heavily that American voters are not ready to elect a wealthy wizard of the global economy to the highest office in the land."


  • Kerry's office blasts Romney over claims on tax returns: Political correspondent Callum Borchers writes, "Senator John Kerry has been working on his Mitt Romney impersonation since being cast as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee in mock debates with President Obama, but lately it has been Romney likening himself to Kerry, as he seeks to justify releasing only two years of tax returns."