Hassan For Governor - More than 125 New Hampshire Women Launch “ Women for Maggie” Steering Committee

Say Ovide Lamontagne and Kevin Smith would be a “disaster for women and families”
MANCHESTER, NH – More than 125 New Hampshire women today launched “Women for Maggie” steering committee – a new group to organize support for Maggie Hassan across the state.  “Women for Maggie” will have its kick off event tonight in Manchester at the home of Joan Reische.
“New Hampshire women know what is at stake in this election,” said Kathy Sullivan, an attorney and Democratic National Committeewoman.  “Maggie Hassan will protect women’s freedom to make their own personal health care decisions and Ovide Lamontagne and Kevin Smith won’t.  Either Ovide or Kevin would be a disaster for women and families.  We need a Governor who trusts women.”
Maggie Hassan has been a leader - standing up and fighting on issues important to New Hampshire families, said former Senate President Sylvia Larsen, and Hassan knows how to get results. Larsen said one of Hassan’s first acts as a state Senator was to partner with Republicans to repeal a law that allowed insurance companies to discriminate against sick or older workers. 
“Maggie Hassan knows how to take problems and turn them into solutions. She has the passion to fight for change, and the know-how and leadership to make the change a reality,” Larsen said. 
“Maggie’s strong record of advocating for women and families is why she has earned such strong support.  Maggie helped lead the way to expand kindergarten across New Hampshire and to make sure young people could stay on their parents’ insurance until age 26,” Larsen said. 
“That’s the kind of leadership we need in the Governor’s office. Maggie Hassan will follow John Lynch’s example of bringing people together – Democrats, Independents and Republicans – to focus on the challenges New Hampshire faces, and on finding solutions that work for all of us, Larsen said.
Hassan thanked the women leaders for their support. 
“I am running for governor to make sure all our children and families have the opportunity to succeed. As Governor, my first priority is to make sure New Hampshire has the best-trained workforce in the nation so that we can attract the innovative companies creating the good- paying jobs of the future,” Hassan said.
Ovide Lamontagne is one of the most extreme candidates in New Hampshire history when it comes to women’s health care.  He opposes abortion in all cases, including rape, incest or when the life of the mother is in danger, and supports an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would make abortion a crime and could put women and their doctors in jail. 
In March, Hassan joined Sen. Sylvia Larsen and Rep. Cindy Rosenwald to defend women’s access to birth control and basic health care coverage in their employer’s insurance plans. 
Hassan has earned the support of both EMILY’s List and the Women’s Campaign Fund because she is running a strong campaign ready to win in November.  Hassan would be the only Democratic woman Governor if elected.  
Those interested in attending a “Women for Maggie” event should call Devan Quinn at 518-5805 or email devan@maggiehassan.com.  
Women for Maggie Steering Committee
Sen. Sylvia Larsen, Concord
Sen. Mandy Merrill, Durham
Former Sen. Kathy Sgambati, Tilton
Former Sen. Caroline McCarley, Rochester
Former Sen. Bette Lasky, Nashua
Former Sen. Katie Wheeler, Durham
Rep. Jennifer Daler, Greenville
Rep. Cindy Rosenwald, Nashua
Rep. Donna Schlachman, Exeter
Rep. Lucy Weber, Walpole
Former Rep. Angie Kopka, Nashua
Former Rep. Melissa Lyons, Kingston
Former Rep. Mary Ann Knowles, Hudson
Former Rep. Eileen Flockhart, Exeter
Former Rep. Martha Mcleod, Franconia
Former Rep. Kim Casey, East Kingston
Ald. Joyce Craig, Manchester
Ald. Mary Ann Melizzi-Golja, Nashua
Ald. Diane Sheehan, Nashua
Electra Alessio, Kingston
Kath Allen, Peterborough
Ilse Andrews, Exeter
Judith Arnold, Derry
Maggie Ball, Kensington
Nancy Belanger, Exeter
Jane Bergeron-Beaulieu, Litchfield
Libby Birnie, Deerfield
Ruth Bleyler, Hanover 
Marsha Brown, Hampton
Mary Jo Brown, Rye
Debra Brown, Manchester
Kathy Brownback, Exeter
Elizabeth Burns, Nashua
Betsy Burtis, Derry
Mary Cambal, Peterborough
Barbara Carpenter, Kensington
Sandra Carr, Silver Lake
Susan Cassista, Chester
Patience Chamberlin, Exeter
Barbara Chase, New London
Irja Cilluffo, Portsmouth
Hilary Cleveland, New London
Janis Clover, Bedford
Debra Crapo, Rye 
Carol Croteau, Kingston
Marjorie Curran, Manchester
Lucy Cushman, Stratham
Carol Delaurier, Sanbornville
Jeanne Dietsch, Peterborough
Beth Dixon, Concord
Corey Doherty, Manchester
Mil Duncan, New Castle
Jeanne Emmick, Milford
Wendy Frosh, Hampton
Mary Alice Fullerton, Lyndeborough
Kathy Gillett, Manchester
Tammy Gluck, Newton
Gabriele Grossman, Exeter
Liz Halliday, Exeter
Kate Hanna, Manchester
Mary Heath, Manchester
Susan Herney, Kensington
Helen Honorow, Nashua
Janet Hunt, Chester
Biddy Irwin, Newport 
Lynda Kanteres, Manchester
Sue Kaplan, Exeter
Sylvia Kennedy, Exeter
Rosalind Kenny Birch, Exeter
Gerri King, Concord
Robin Knight, Sandown
Susan Ladmer, Peterborough
Wendy Larson, Kensington
Helen Lauenstein, Exeter
Nuala Leong, Seabrook
Karen Levchuk, Concord
Meryl Levin, Manchester
Peg Lypin, Hooksett
Gail Macinnes, Francestown
Dianne Macveagh, Marlborough 
Liz Mcconnell, Brentwood
Jennifer Mcintosh, Keene
Mary Meyers, Hancock
Gail Mitchell, Barrington
Teresa Moler, Nashua
Lynne Monroe, Kensington
Martha Morini, Derry
Pat Morris, Manchester
Melanie Muns, Hampton 
Kirsten Murphy, Hanover
Kathleen Murphy, Chester
Judy O'Reilly, Exeter
Mike & Joan Ostrowski, Bedford
Lenore Patton, Hampton
Lisa Petrie, New Ipswich
Patricia Pine, Exeter
Amy Poisson Kaussner, Seabrook
Karen Prior, Exeter
Jane Quinn, Hampstead
Joan Reische, Manchester
Jane Robart, Hampton Falls
Jane Rothwell, Manchester
Kathleen Russell, Danville
Kate And Lynn Russell Taylor, Danville
Gayle Sanders, Stratham 
Jean Sanders, Atkinson
Penny Sandstrom, Nashua
Muriel Schadee, Concord
Ann Schieber, Exeter
Caren Schubart, North Hampton
Jill Shaffer Hammond, Peterborough
Dorothy & Ralph Sidore, Bedford
Carter Siegel, Exeter
Tammy Siekmann, Londonderry
Peggy Small-Porter, Newmarket
Miriam Stahl, Exeter
Kitten Stearns, Bedford
Karen Steele, Atkinson
Kelly Stoller, Milford
Kathy Sullivan, Manchester
Trish Swonger, Merrimack
Mary Tetreau, Londonderry
Judy Tomlinson, Dublin
Michele Tremblay, Penacook
Christine Weeks, Keene
Carolyn Weir, Hampstead
Sarah Weston, Danville
Carol Williams, Manchester
Danette Wineberg, Exeter
Anne Zachos, Exeter
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