NHDP - How Many Years of Tax Returns Did Kelly Ayotte Turn Over to Mitt Romney?

Why Don't Ayotte/Romney Think that the American People Should Have the Same Right to Vet a President?


CONCORD - How many years of tax returns did Senator Kelly Ayotte turn over to Mitt Romney as part of the presidential vetting process?


"How many years of tax returns did Senator Ayotte turn over to Mitt Romney as part of the vice presidential process?" asked Rep. Steve Shurtleff.  Ayotte, widely considered to be on Mitt Romney's vice presidential list, has publicly defended Romney's decision to break years of precedent - a precedent established by his father - and refuse to release multiple years of tax returns.


At the same time, however, Romney is engaged in extensive vetting process for vice presidential candidates, as outlined by the New York Times yesterday.


"Mitt Romney clearly believes seeing complete information - likely including multiple years of tax returns - is relevant for his decision on selecting a running mate," said former state Senator Peter Burling. "It's relevant for the American people as well. Mitt Romney should release additional tax returns to answer pressing questions about his role at Bain; how his plan to cut taxes on the wealthy will benefit him; and on other conflicts of interest.


The one year of tax returns Mitt Romney has released show investments in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda, a Swiss Bank account, and that he paid a lower tax rate than many middle-class families.


"Senator Ayotte should tell us how many years of tax returns she gave Mitt Romney. Then Senator Ayotte and Mitt Romney should tell us why they don't believe the American people have the right to fully vet Mr. Romney," Burling said. "What are they hiding?"