NHDP - John H. Sununu Said What ?!

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Mitt Romney's campaign is on the attack again. Now, in an effort to hide from the growing questions about Romney's Swiss bank accounts (and Bermuda bank accounts and Cayman Island bank accounts) New Hampshire's former Governor John H. Sununu said "I wish this President would learn how to be an American." 






Mitt Romney and John Sununu have spent the past three years working with the likes of Donald Trump and the Koch Brothers to spread lies about the President's record.  Mitt Romney's firm has sent American jobs overseas.  Mitt Romney has sent his money out of the country. Mitt Romney's economic plan would give tax breaks to companies to send another 800,000 American jobs out of America.  And they have the nerve to attack President Obama.



President Obama has been hard at work for the American people - making progress despite the stonewalling by Republicans in Congress who block jobs effort after jobs effort in the hope that it will improve their chances in November.  Under President Obama's leadership, the United States has seen 28 straight months of job growth, a revitalized manufacturing sector, the end of the war in Iraq, and the death of Osama bin Laden. 



There is still more work to do.  Will you contribute $100, $50, or $25 today to support President Obama and help him win in New Hampshire this fall?




Mitt Romney, John Sununu, Donald Trump, and the Koch Brothers are going to spend hundreds of millions more dollars to defeat President Obama.  In New Hampshire, we must continue to work each and every day between now and Election Day to tell the truth about the President's record and deliver our four electoral votes to him on November 6. 



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