ALG's Daily Grind: Can we count on Barack Obama's labor data?

July 19, 2012

Can we count on Barack Obama's labor data?

Not if his nominee to lead the Bureau of Labor Statistics is approved.

Nominee to oversee job stats has an association with a group that has Communist history

Erica Groshen, an Obama nominee to take over the Bureau of Labor Statistics, has ties to a Communist kid's camp.

Visiting real America

Sometimes it is good to get outside the calloused compromising world of Washington, D.C. and talk to real people, who don't follow every nuance of every speech, as they live their lives. 

Camp, Hatch unveil legislation prohibiting Obama Administration from unilaterally weakening welfare work requirements

Legislation would prohibit the Obama Administration from unilaterally granting itself the authority to exempt states from the work requirements that were a critical element of welfare reform enacted in 1996.