CEI Today: TSA body scanners, FDA over-regulation, and a court ruling on drug manufacturers


CEI.org: CEI Files Amici Curiae Brief Calling on TSA to Follow the Law


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) should be compelled to at last give the public an opportunity to comment on the agency’s use of full-body scanners in airports, a new brief of amici curiae by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) urges. For more than three years, TSA’s use of body-scanners has affected millions of Americans, yet passengers still have had no opportunity to formally voice their concerns to the agency.  > Read about the lawsuit

>Interview Marc Scribner


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Real Clear Policy: More FDA Control Does Not Mean More Safety


News outlets are reporting that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cited an alarmingly high number of alleged safety and regulatory violations by supplement manufacturers. This may worry some consumers about the safety of their daily multivitamin. It has also prompted some lawmakers to call, once again, for increasing the FDA's control over the supplement industry. While there is no reason to doubt that the FDA found violations of rules in its investigation, more government regulation would do nothing to improve the safety of America's vitamin supply.  > Read the full commentary on Real Clear Policy

> Inteview Michelle Minton


Medical Progress Today: Third Circuit Decision Endorses FTC's Faulty Logic on "Pay for Delay"

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit handed down a decision on Monday holding that reverse payment - or so-called "pay to delay" - patent settlement agreements between innovator and generic drug manufacturers may constitute antitrust violations.

That decision sets up a Circuit split that now seems ripe for Supreme Court review, as the Federal Circuit, Second Circuit, and Eleventh Circuit appeals courts have previously ruled that, in most cases, these settlement agreements are not anticompetitive.

 > Read the full commentary on Medical Progress Today

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