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The November election will include a constitutional amendment to ban an income tax. Whether they wish to see a ban written into the constitution or not, the vast majority of voters are opposed to an income tax based on the experience of other states.... Click here to keep reading.


Pension Reform on WGIR

A Bigger Problem than we Think?

Josh Elliott-Traficante joins Grant Bosse and Jack Heath to discuss the New Hampshire Retirement System, steps the House is taking to reform it, and why the problem may be much, much bigger than we think. Click here listen.

Another Look at Pension Reform

Grant Bosse and Josh Elliott-Traficante stop by the studio to update Jack Heath on how the New Hampshire House is planning to reform the NH Retirement System, and on a new report that argues the Granite State’s $5 billion pension problem might actually be much, much bigger. Click Here to Listen.

EBT Crackdown?

Leads to an Expanded the Nannystate, Bosse argues

Everyone agrees that welfare recipients shouldn’t be able to waste our money on alcohol and cigarettes. Everyone is wrong. Click here to keep reading.