ALG's Daily Grind: House proposes defunding much of Obamacare-including the HHS Mandate

July 23, 2012

House proposes defunding much of Obamacare—including the HHS Mandate

Rehberg: "This committee cannot repeal Obamacare directly. But we can prevent it from being further implemented with taxpayer dollars we have jurisdiction over."

Video: The Dems Flip-Flop On Payroll Tax Holiday...And Seemingly Everything Else They Say!

Nancy Pelosi and others once pushed for a payroll tax holiday. Now they are pulling back. What's going on? Are they ever going to be consistent?

The Farm (Food Stamp) Bill

80 percent spending of the so-called Farm Bill bill is dedicated to food stamps.

Ideas: up for auction?

The connection between the funding of education and the disproportionate leftist bias that permeates our entire school system goes a long way in explaining a progressive cultural phenomenon that appears to have been bought by the monied elite — through liberal subsidizing of propaganda, media, and (perhaps most dangerously) education in the United States.