The U.S. Olympic Team Attire a Distraction

Parent says Congress should worry more about our country’s excessive barrowing from China.

Wolfeboro Falls, July 17, 2012:  Rick Parent, Republican candidate - N.H. 1st Congressional District, finds some humor in a Congress that is all up in arms over the fact that the U.S. Olympic Team (a privately-funded organization) (1) will be wearing uniforms made in China, yet thinks nothing about barrowing .40 cents on EVERY dollar spent by the U. S. Government. Mr. Parents feels that this latest faux outrage is just another distraction meant to divert the attention of the American people. But it is not working.

 “Let me get this straight. Our national debt is more than 15 trillion dollars, and China OWNS $1.2 trillion dollars (2) of that debt, and we are worried about what the U.S. Olympic Team is wearing? I think that Congress has got its priorities all screwed up’ – exclaimed Parent 

Here are the inconvenient truths that this Government would like to distract the American people from:

U.S. National Debt: $15 trillion dollars (and growing)

U.S. National Debt Per Taxpayer: $131,000.00 (and growing)

                Gross Debt to GDP Ratio = 104%


 “Sadly, when given a chance to stop this debt madness, Frank Guinta choose to ignore the will of his continuants, and voted to raise the Debt-ceiling (3), which lead to the downgrade of Americas debt rating for the first time in our country’s history, as well as more borrowing from China. But I guess that blazers made by Ralph Lauren in China are more important than our children’s future. Frank was sent down to Washington to reduce our countries financial liability, but instead, he helped to add to it” – commented Parent