Bass For Congress - Releases List of 400+ Grassroots Leaders

Concord, NH – Congressman Charlie Bass (R-NH) today released an initial grassroots leadership team of more than 400 business, political, and community leaders from each county in New Hampshire’s Second District.  The diverse group of grassroots leaders will help spread the Bass campaign’s message of bi-partisan problem-solving, fiscal responsibility, and private-sector job creation to living rooms, diners, and town halls from Pittsburg to Plaistow.  

Discussing his reasons for supporting Congressman Bass, Franklin Mayor Ken Merrifield said, "Charlie Bass understands the challenges employers face today. It is critically important that we keep Charlie in Congress so he can continue fighting for New Hampshire jobs and businesses."

Executive Councilor Ray Burton of Bath stated, "I have always said a public servant's number one responsibility is assisting and listening to his constituents. Charlie Bass has been a dedicated and hard working leader who truly cares for this state and its people. His passion and commitment to the North Country is why I'm proud to call him my Congressman."

The list of over 400 grassroots leaders is only part of a growing team, and more names will be released as the campaign progresses through the summer and fall.

Jennifer Horn of Nashua said, "As our national debt soars past $15 trillion and Washington considers one of the largest tax increases in decades, we must have leadership that will fight to end the tax-and-spend habits of Congress. Charlie Bass understands that in order to put America back to work and protect future generations from this crushing burden we must stop spending now."

State Representative Mary Griffin added, "I support Charlie because he is very down-to-earth and very dedicated to making sure his constituents have what they need, especially senior citizens. Charlie has worked diligently to protect Medicare for all seniors."

Bass added, “I am honored to have earned the support of so many dedicated, proven, grassroots leaders.  I look forward to working with them on the campaign trail to deliver my message of reducing our national debt, cutting wasteful spending, creating an environment for real economic growth, reforming our tax system, and ending gridlock in Washington D.C.”

The list of grassroots leaders includes:

Coos County

Don Bisson, Berlin

Don Oulette, Berlin

Tony Urban, Berlin

Steve Griffin, Berlin

Cindy Griffin, Berlin

State Representative Duffy Daugherty, Colebrook

State Representative Laurence Rappaport, Colebrook

Luc Cote, Errol

Larry Guay, Gorham

Bruce Lary, Gorham

County Commissioner Tom Brady, Jefferson

Andre Rowell, Jefferson

Cherlene Wheeler, Jefferson

Tim Noyes, Jefferson

State Representative William Remick, Lancaster

Norma  Roberts, Lancaster

Denise Thibault, Milan

Armand Caron, Milan

Andre   Morin, Milan

Sharon Morin, Milan

Donald R. Weeks, Milan

Pamela A. Weeks, Milan

Beverly Hawkins, Milan

Ronald S. Hawkins, Milan

Gisele Oullette, Milan

County Commissioner Bing Judd, Pittsburg

Lucille Lowe, Randolph

Gordon Lowe, Randolph

Norma Burns, Stewartstown

Scott Mason, Stratford

State Representative John Tholl, Whitefield


Grafton County

Mark Scarano, Ashland

Executive Councilor Ray Burton, Bath

Joanne Morrill, Bridgewater

State Representative Paul Simard, Bristol

Tom Merrill, Enfield

Lydia Cumbee, Franconia

Russell Cumbee, Franconia

Bob Every, Franconia

David Starr, Franconia

Andrew Smith, Franconia

Steven Andeweg, Hanover

Dave Cioffi, Hanover

Roger Clarkson, Hanover

Jerry Mitchell, Hanover

Nancy Mitchell, Hanover

Jim Rubens, Hanover

Susan Rubens, Hanover

Nigel Leeming, Hanover

Donald Magill, Hanover

Emily Mead, Hanover

Barbara Dutile, Haverhill

Sheriff Doug Dutile, Haverhill

State Representative Rick Ladd, Haverhill

Chris Devine, Holderness

Alan Tripp, Holderness

Bonnie Tripp, Holderness

Lloyd Donnellan, Landaff

Tristyn Boutin, Lebanon

Karen Cervantes, Lebanon

Raul Cervantes, Lebanon

David Gilmer, Lebanon

Jim Walker, Lebanon

Terri Dudley, Lebanon

State Representative Edmond Gionet, Lincoln

William Hallager, Lincoln

Jan Carver, Lisbon

Mike Carver, Lisbon

Gene Marshall, Lisbon

Jim Alden, Littleton

Tyler Drummond, Littleton

State Representative Stephanie Eaton, Littleton

Tammy Hastings, Littleton

Dave Sundman, Littleton

Darrell Louis, Littleton

Bob Copenhaver, Littleton

Muffy Copenhaver, Littleton

Gibb Cornwell, Lyme

Mary Cornwell, Lyme

Earl Strout, Lyme

George Lehmann, Lyme

Darlene Lehmann, Lyme

Joe Arcolio, Orford

Sallie Arcolio, Orford

George Baumier, Orford

Bry Beeson, Orford

Susi Beeson, Orford

Ted Eck, Orford

Caroline Flower, Orford

Ludlow Flower, Orford

Allen Martin, Orford

Andy Schwaegler, Orford

Bruce Schwaegler, Orford

Sarah Schwaegler, Orford

Herb Verry, Orford

Laura Verry, Orford

Henry Ahern, Plymouth

Cindy Downing, Plymouth

County Treasurer Carol Elliott, Plymouth

Deb Naro, Plymouth

Tim Naro, Plymouth

Elise Lawson, Rumney

Jerry Thibodeau, Rumney

Eric Jostrom, Sugar Hill

State Representative Lester Bradley, Thornton

Jim Fadden, Woodstock


Belknap County

Tim Quinney, Center Harbor


Sullivan County

State Representative Thomas Laware, Charlestown

State Representative Steven Smith, Charlestown

Don Clarke, Claremont

Ron Cote, Claremont

Steven Lasko, Claremont

Betti Jo Moote, Claremont

Allison Raymond, Claremont

State Representative Joe Osgood, Claremont

Wilbur Cox, Claremont

Tynne Cox, Claremont

State Representative Charlene Lovett, Claremont

Mary Manusco, Cornish

Judith Cunningham, Croydon

Steven Cunningham, Croydon

State Representative Thomas Howard, Croydon

David Stitt, Grantham

State Senator Bob Odell, Lempster

John Alexander, Newport

Ron Purmort, Newport

State Representative Beverly Rodeschin, Newport

Betty Maiola, Newport

State Representative Spec Bowers, Sunapee

Martin Bradie, Sunapee

Eric Brandolini, Sunapee



Merrimack County

State Representative Jon Richardson, Allenstown

State Representative Jennifer Coffey, Andover

Don Emerson, Andover

Paul Nagy, Andover

Eric Anderson, Bow

Virginia Beecher, Bow

Bruce Berke, Bow

Nancy Berke, Bow

Lisa Cohen, Bow

Gary Coorssen, Bow

Mary Siel, Bow

Marge Welch, Bow

Christopher Nicolopoulos, Bow

Erich Caron, Bradford

Walter  Royal, Bradford

State Representative Priscilla Lockwood, Canterbury

Richard Bean, Chichester

State Representative Brandon Giuda, Chichester

State Representative John McDonnell, Chichester

Executive Councilor Dan St. Hilaire, Concord

Valerie Acres, Concord

City Councilor J. Allen Bennett, Concord

Sally Blanchard, Concord

Paula Cantara, Concord

Stephen Cardi, Concord

Terry Comstock, Concord

Dister Deoss, Concord

Cindy Foote, Concord

Leo Fraser, Concord

Ann Harrison, Concord

John Harrison, Concord

Kerry Marsh, Concord

Dr. Douglas Moran, Concord

Marcia Moran, Concord

Brooks Murfey, Concord

Nick Paul, Concord

Jeff Pruyne, Concord

Frank Rosano, Concord

Robert Sculley, Concord

Bob Washburn, Concord

Phil Hastings, Concord

Jacqueline Kennedy, Concord

Steve Kennedy, Concord

Myril Cox, Concord

Bonnie Packard, Concord

Scott Langille, Concord

Jennifer Wrobleski, Dunbarton

William Wrobleski, Dunbarton

Jeffrey Kantor, Dunbarton

State Representative Dan McGuire, Epsom

Bill Grimm, Franklin

Jim Mason, Franklin

Mayor Ken Merrifield, Franklin

State Representative David Palfrey, Franklin

David Currier, Henniker

Bob Flanders, Henniker

Judy Flanders, Henniker

State Representative Mark Lindsley, Henniker

Cathy Williams, Henniker

Ken Williams, Henniker

State Representative Skip Reilly, Hill

Chris Dyment, Hopkinton

Michael Green, Hopkinton

Gary Gross, Hopkinton

Wayne Patenaude, Hopkinton

Peter Spaulding, Hopkinton

Kay Tomlinson, Hopkinton

Albert Wait, Hopkinton

Lincoln Shedd, Hopkinton

Ruth Shedd, Hopkinton

Jerry Coogan, New London

Pat Coogan, New London

State Representative David Kidder, New London

Hillary Hagerty, Newbury

State Representative Gregory Hill, Northfield

Sheriff Scott Hilliard, Northfield

Jeff Keeler, Pembroke

Gerald LeDuc, Pittsfield

Mary Mead, Warner

Peter Guest, Wilmot


Rockingham County

Sue Carroll, Atkinson

Leann Moccia, Atkinson

Francis Penney, Atkinson

Jeanette Penney, Atkinson

Gene Schneider, Atkinson

Kevin Chalbeck, Deerfield

Richard Pollock, Northwood

Kristopher Day, Salem

State Representative Robert Elliot, Salem

Mike Flathers, Salem

Everett McBride, Salem

Nancy Stickney, Salem

Wally Stickney, Salem

Barbara Sweeney, Salem

Joseph Sweeney, Salem

Tom Sweeney Jr., Salem

Tom Sweeney Sr., Salem

State Representative Marilinda Garcia, Salem

Arthur Barnes Sr., Salem

Alberta Baggett, Windham

Frank Baggett, Windham

Alan Daigneault, Windham

Matthew Viel, Windham

Matthew Vincent, Windham

Lynne Ulaky, Windham

State Representative Charles McMahon, Windham

David Blundell, Windham

Elizabeth Blundell, Windham

Louis Fantozzi, Windham

State Representative Mary Griffin, Windham


Hillsborough County

County Register of Deeds Pamela Coughlin, Amherst

Karl Hansen, Amherst

Lisa Hansen, Amherst

County Commissioner Carol Holden, Amherst

Donald Holden, Amherst             

George Infantie, Amherst

Ken Jones, Amherst

Suzanne Jones, Amherst

Lynn Lennon, Amherst

Tom Lennon, Amherst

Frederick Lozier, Amherst

Bill Modis, Amherst

Barry Nilson, Amherst

Virgil Orff, Amherst

Helen Rowe, Amherst

State Representative Bob Rowe, Amherst

Terri Anne Scrubb, Amherst

Charlie Vars, Amherst

Adriane Warguska, Amherst

State Representative Stephen Stepanek, Amherst

Tim Farrell, Bennington

Mark Mackesy, Bennington

Jack Spanos, Bennington

Vera Spanos, Bennington

Jerry Ainsworth, Deering

Steve Ainsworth, Deering

Gail Sohol, Deering

John Sohol, Deering

O. Alan Thulander, Francestown

Lisa Hall, Greenfield

Bobbie Coffin, Hancock

Jarvis Coffin, Hancock

Des Ford, Hancock

Desmond Mitorct, Hancock

Byron Niederhelman, Hancock

Joyce Bosse, Hillsborough

Leigh Bosse, Hillsborough

State Representative Robert Fredette, Hillsborough

Bonita Morse, Hillsborough

Walter Morse, Hillsborough

Don Solomon, Hillsborough

Walter Sterling, Hillsborough

State Representative James Belanger, Hollis

Taylor Caswell, Hollis

Liz Christoffersen, Hollis

State Representative Carolyn Gargasz, Hollis

Paul Chevalier, Hudson

State Representative Lars Christiansen, Hudson

Bob Clegg, Hudson

Neil Daley, Hudson

Dan Ferrante, Hudson

State Representative Robert Haefner, Hudson

State Representative Shawn Jasper, Hudson

State Representative Jordan Ulery, Hudson

Roland Harmon, Hudson

Barbara Harmon, Hudson

David Alukonis, Hudson

State Representative Ralph Boehm, Litchfield

State Representative Frank Holden, Lyndenborough

Jerry Bird, Mason

Susan Bird, Mason

Bill Balam, Milford

Ray Hayes, Milford

June Minkkinen, Milford

Edward Morrison, Sr., Milford

Lori Yesoung, Milford

State Representative Carol Griffin, Milford

Ryan Hansen, Milford

State Senator Peter Bragdon, Milford

Charlie Burke, Mont Vernon

Pamela Kennedy, Mont Vernon

State Representative Michael Buxton, Nashua

Albert Cernota, Nashua

Carlos    Couto, Nashua

Doug Barrett, Nashua

Mitzi Barrett, Nashua

County Attorney Dennis Hogan, Nashua

Jennifer Horn, Nashua

Bill Joransen, Nashua

State Representative Donald LeBrun, Nashua

Chuck Lothrop, Nashua

Diane Lothrop, Nashua

Peggy McCarthy, Nashua

State Representative Michael McCarthy, Nashua

State Representative Sean McGuinness, Nashua

John Nelson, Nashua

State Representative Bill Ohm, Nashua

State Representative Carl Seidel, Nashua

State Representative Pete Silva, Nashua

Bernie   Streeter, Nashua

Sally Streeter, Nashua

Janice Teebom, Nashua

Karen Thoman, Nashua

Jim Tollner, Nashua

Patty Tollner, Nashua

Linda Twombly, Nashua

Tim Twombly     , Nashua

Elizabeth Van Twuyver, Nashua

County Commissioner Sandra Ziehm, Nashua

Jack Tulley, Nashua

Alderman Dan Moriarty, Nashua

Bill Aldrich, New Ipswich

Armand Lozeau, New Ipswich

Joe Puddister, Pelham

John Burns, Pelham

Hedwig Burns, Pelham

Barbara Busenbark, Peterborough

State Representative Bruce Marcus, Peterborough

David Simpson, Peterborough

Henry    Taves, Peterborough

Butch    Walker, Peterborough

Ken Christian, Peterborough

Jennifer Field, Peterborough

Joanne Field, Peterborough

Gretchen Orme, Peterborough

Manton Metcalf, Peterborough

Lee Charleton, Peterborough

Gail Pierson-Cromwell, Temple

Con Grace, Wilton

John Valera, Windsor


Cheshire County

Chris Miller, Alstead

Mable Bergeron, Chesterfield

David DeWitt, Dublin

Bruce Keough, Dublin

Augusta Petrone, Dublin

Joseph Petrone, Dublin

Tom Judd, Dublin

George Rublee, Dublin

Ellen Rublee, Dublin

Forrest Cook, Dublin

June Cook, Dublin

Louise   Bill, Fitzwilliam

Katie Metzger, Fitzwilliam

State Representative Richard Dwinell, Fitzwilliam

State Representative Smokey Smith, Hinsdale

Cathy Proulx, Jaffrey

Chuck Prigge, Keene

Thomas Cakouros, Keene

Marilyn Huston, Keene

Jane Lane, Keene

Arto Leino, Keene

Toby Tousley, Keene

Fred S. Parker, Keene

Eleanor Russell, Marlborough

George Carmichael, Rindge

Susan Emerson, Rindge

Marlene Leotta, Stoddard

State Representative John Byrnes, Swanzey

Bill Gallauresi, Swanzey

Judy Gallauresi, Swanzey

State Representative Jane Johnson, Swanzey

Patrick Malloy, Swanzey

Lucy Opal, Swanzey

Sam DeYoung, Swanzey

Ellen DeYoung, Swanzey

Dave Kochman, Swanzey

Cindy Creteau-Miller, Walpole

Tom Murray, Walpole

Bob Harcke, Westmoreland

Denise Korepta, Westmoreland

State Representative Robert Moore, Westmoreland