Kevin Smith Rolls Out Second TV Ad

MANCHESTER – Kevin Smith, Republican candidate for governor, launched his campaign’s second television advertisement of the 2012 election. The new television ad, titled “Right Track,” highlights Smith’s comprehensive plan to strengthen New Hampshire’s economy and create jobs.

The Smith campaign launched its first television ad on July 9. This new 30-second spot extends the campaign’s substantial, statewide cable ad buy, and continues to reinforce Smith’s message of turning New Hampshire into the most economically competitive state in the country. Smith has proved to be the most substantive candidate in the race offering a detailed approach to cutting business taxes, streamlining government, lowering health care costs, and reducing electric rates.

 “To create more jobs in New Hampshire, we must create an economic climate that allows the private sector to invest, innovate and hire new workers. The best way to do that is to make significant cuts to business taxes, and lower the costs to businesses like health care and electricity rates. If we do these things, we’ll give existing and prospective employers the incentive, confidence and certainty to grow their business and create more jobs. Our latest TV ad underscores my plan to do exactly that.”

To view to the ad, please click HERE.

Script for “RIGHT TRACK”:


Politicians give us empty rhetoric, while New Hampshire’s economy continues to struggle.

Kevin Smith, conservative Republican for Governor, has a real plan to put us on the right track.


I want to see New Hampshire become the most economically competitive state in the country.

And, we’ll do that by cutting our business taxes…by delivering health care more affordably…lowering our electric rates…keeping more young people here.


Kevin Smith. Republican for Governor.


Together, we can get New Hampshire working again.