ALG's Daily Grind: Financial price rigging props up house of cards

July 25, 2012

Financial price rigging props up house of cards

Barclays' Libor problem is just one in a many scandals intent on keeping the bank cartel upright.

Video: You Didn't Build Your Business, But It Seems The Pres. Has Built Gotham City

Obama's now famous quote about you not building your own business shows that he doesn't know much about business. It seems more like he is creating Gotham City. Check out this blunderous display!

The failed 'War on Poverty'

The federal government operates 126 programs aimed at tackling poverty in the hopes that people will improve their situation with a little help from the government, and now more people are taking government benefits than ever before.

Western wildfires—horrific, devastating … and unnecessary

What will it take to persuade officials to break from traditional (and obviously inadequate) wildfire tactics and retardants, and use FireIce to combat Colorado's wildfires?