GOP PAC Responds to O'Brien's Renewed Push for Marriage Repeal

Manchester, NHSean Owen, Chairman of New Hampshire Republicans for Freedom and Equality fired back at Speaker O'Brien today for his latest comments revealing his continued determination to take away the freedom to marry from New Hampshire's gay and lesbian couples:


"Republicans in the House have already rejected this Speaker's anti-gay agenda, with a majority voting against repeal last time," said Owen. "What is driving his anti-gay obsession? He is not representing his constituents, or the interests of the Republican Party.  His fixation will weigh down the GOP heading into the elections this fall and will risk other very important items on the Republican agenda."


In March, the New Hampshire House rejected repeal of the state's popular gay marriage law in a stunning 211-116 vote. Although the GOP holds a strong majority in the House, 119 Republicans voted against repeal, proving that marriage equality is no longer a partisan issue.


"I am proud of my fellow Republicans who understood that freedom and liberty means freedom for all of us, including the freedom to marry," added Owen. "In March, our party proved itself to be the party of the future.  We promise to stand with those legislators this November and beyond."