Jackie Cilley's campaign for governor launches on-line ad buy

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jackie Cilley begins media efforts with targeted on-line ad buy

Barrington – Jackie Cilley's gubernatorial campaign begins unrolling their paid media efforts this week with an on-line ad buy focusing on likely voters in September's Democratic primary.

"One goal we've consistently maintained focus on is how to maximize the use of free or low-cost methods before spending money. We wrung as much value out of free internet resources as possible before launching a formal campaign website and now we're building on that social media and viral base with targeted online advertising." said campaign manager Liz Merry.

"As a grassroots, community-based campaign, we always knew we'd have to stretch our resources as far as possible."

While online political advertising is still a relatively new medium, Merry believes that the demographics of likely Democratic primary voters make their audience a prime target for persuasion online.

"Democratic primary voters in New Hampshire are early adopters and our experiences demonstrate that."

The Jackie Cilley campaign is engaged in an aggressive online advertising reach to targeted voters across New Hampshire. Using the latest technology available to political campaigns, they are releasing a series of ads that will immediately begin reaching voters who are likely to vote in the upcoming September 11th Democratic Primary. Various ads will tie together a number of the Cilley campaign's key messages including: Cilley's childhood roots to the North Country, her opposition to "The Pledge" and her belief in investing in a strong public school education for our children and our future.

ABOUT JACKIE: Jackie Cilley is proud to have earned the support of nearly 17,000 union households across New Hampshire for her campaign for governor. Jackie, who served in both New Hampshire's House and Senate representing Barrington, built a successful business and taught more than 2500 New Hampshire students over her 20 years as a highly respected business professor with UNH's Whittemore School for Business and Economics. A Berlin native, Sen. Cilley earned a BA in Psychology from the University of New Hampshire and an MBA from the Whittemore School.  Jackie and her husband Bruce have lived in Barrington for more than 20 years.  They have five sons, 12 grandchildren, and two dogs.