NHDP - Governing Moves New Hampshire Governor's Race to Tossup from Lean Republican



7. New Hampshire (D-held; shift from lean Republican). We're shifting this race from lean Republican to tossup -- not because of any significant partisan movement, but rather because New Hampshire's race is the least well-formed of any on this list. In the quest to succeed popular Democratic Gov. John Lynch, who's forgoing another term, both parties have competitive primaries. On the GOP side, it's two-time statewide candidate Ovide Lamontagne against younger upstart Kevin Smith, who as executive director of Cornerstone Action in the 2010 cycle attacked Lynch and the then-Democratic-led Legislature. On the Democratic side, it's former state Senate Majority Leader Maggie Hassan against former state Sen. Jackie Cilley. Despite some historical difficulties in the state, Obama has chalked up a series of modest leads over New Hampshire resident Romney in recent polls. In addition, some voters may appreciate the idea of a Democratic brake on a GOP-dominated Legislature. But the tenor of the race is likely to remain a question mark until at least the September primary.


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