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O’Brien Obsesses Over Gay Marriage
Vows to Continue His Attack on New Hampshire Families If Re-elected

CONCORD, NH - New Hampshire House Speaker Bill O’Brien ignited new controversy yesterday when he claimed on NHPR’s The Exchange that married gay and lesbian couples are “weakened families” that “create an unlimited call on government resources.”

He offered zero facts or statistics to support this baseless attack.

Republican Craig Stowell, a Marine Corps veteran and Co-Chair of Standing Up for New Hampshire Families, responded: “O’Brien’s continued attacks on gay and lesbian families are downright disgusting, and out of step with the people of New Hampshire.  This year’s vote demonstrated what repeated statewide polls have shown - the widespread popularity of our marriage law.”

This past March, a repeal of the freedom to marry overwhelmingly failed in the Republican-dominated New Hampshire House of Representatives by a vote of 211 to 116.  This included 119 Republicans who voted to kill the bill, the majority position among House Republicans.  In spite of these results, Speaker O’Brien promised that if re-elected he would continue to pursue a repeal next session. 

“Bill O’Brien’s narrow social agenda does not represent Granite State values. He needs to drop this anti-family crusade and focus on moving New Hampshire forward,” added Stowell.

Standing Up for New Hampshire Families will soon release a full candidate scorecard for legislative races around the state.