Bass For Congress - Kuster's Medicare Plan - Let It Go Bankrupt

upports Cuts to Doctors and Hospitals that will limit Medicare Access

Concord, NH - Ann Kuster has once again showed that she favors partisan politics over finding real solutions to the issues that face our country by supporting the head of the Democratic National Committee, Congresswomen Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and her attacks against a bipartisan plan that will help ensure that Medicare is available for today's seniors and future generations while offering no solutions.  The Medicare Trustees have stated in their annual report that Medicare will go bankrupt by 2024 as a result of the retiring "Baby Boom" population unless changes are made to preserve and protect the Medicare program. 

"The only plan that ends Medicare is Ann Kuster's plan to follow Washington insiders that care more about winning elections than solving problems, and do nothing.  Charlie Bass will never allow Medicare to go bankrupt nor will he ever change the benefits that today's seniors have earned.  He also believes this highly partisan rhetoric is the reason for the stalemate in Washington and since Ms. Wasserman-Shultz appears to be speaking for all Democratic candidates in her attacks - Ann Kuster must support this failed partisan approach,” said Bass spokesmen Scott Tranchemontagne. 

"Unfortunately, Ann Kuster's willingness to support scare tactics and politically motivated attacks while not offering real solutions or ideas does nothing to help seniors or the Medicare program.  Instead she is hiding from the fact that Medicare will go bankrupt for future generations, and as a result of her support for the President's health care law, today's seniors will experience $575 billion in cuts to Medicare, the dismantling of the popular Medicare Advantage program, a system in which doctors can no longer afford to see Medicare patients, and an unelected board of bureaucrats coming between the patient and their doctor," continued Tranchemontagne.

"Ann Kuster has also repeatedly said that she believes the President's health care law does not "go far enough" and wants an even more extreme plan that includes the radical "public option" which is the first step in leading us into single-payer, government controlled health care system.  It is bad enough that she already supports allowing 15 Washington bureaucrats to come between the decisions that should be left to seniors and their doctors, but it is also evident that Ann Kuster will not stop until the government controls our entire health care system," said Tranchemontagne.  

Bass has supported a bipartisan plan that would give individuals age 55 or under the choice of joining the traditional Medicare program or using their Medicare dollars to purchase a guaranteed plan of their choice that best meets their medical needs.  In addition, Bass was 1 of 4 Republicans and 4 Democrats to offer the bipartisan budget alternative based on the findings of the Simpson-Bowles Commission that would ensure medical doctors will not see their reimbursements for treating Medicare patients drastically slashed which will force them stop accepting Medicare patients.