CEI Weekly: Obama Shouldn't Use Title IX to Impose Education Quotas

Friday, July 27, 2012



Feature: Hans Bader argues that the White House shouldn't impose gender ratios on education programs.

FEATURE: Obama Shouldn't Use Title IX to Impose Education Quotas


The White House has announced plans to use Title IX to change the gender ratio in science, math, and technology studies. CEI Senior Counsel Hans Bader appeared on Fox & Friends this week to explain why their plan is essentially a quota system---and why it's a bad idea. Watch his interview here.




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July 24, 2012: Unfunded Mandate Reform


Unfunded mandates are a way for Congress to increase government’s size and scope without increasing the deficit. Of course, this just means that state governments and the private sector are footing the bill instead. Research Associate David Deerson explains why past efforts to rein in unfunded mandates failed, and why new legislation that Congress is set to vote on this week could help.