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Candidates are supposed to avoid being specific during elections. They are regularly told by the bulk of the consulting corps that telling people what you might or might not do as governor only makes people mad, costs you votes and limits your options once you get elected... Click here to keep reading.


The State of Political Reporting on WGIR
Are Political Reporters Getting Lazy?

Are political reporters too reliant on blind quotes and anonymous sources. Grant Bosse talks to Paul Westcott about the lack of real reporting from the campaign trail. Click here listen.

Asking the Tough Questions

Charlie Arlinghaus talks to Jack Heath about how to improve political campaigns, and why voters should take advantage of the election to ask candidates questions. Click Here to Listen.

NH Sends Medicaid Stats to Feds

Toumpas denies NH has Medicaid Problem

New Hampshire’s Department of Health and Human Services has submitted its response to the federal government’s request for more information on the state’s Medicaid Program... Click here to keep reading.