Heritage - Which Law Will the President Disregard Next?

Not content to stop at rewriting immigration policy, education policy and energy policy, the Administration, through the Health and Human Services Department, announced that it will grant waivers to states exempting them from work requirements in the welfare law. Heritage legal experts Todd Gaziano and Robert Alt determined that these waivers are illegal. Not only is the President’s move illegal, but it’s unpopular. Rasmussen polling indicates that 83% of Americans favor the work requirement for welfare recipients. The President made this change despite stating at the Saddleback Presidential Forum (Minute 1:41) that he “changed his mind” about welfare reform and “I am absolutely convinced that we have to have work as a centerpiece of any social policy.”

Obama’s Tax Increase Would Kill 710,000 Jobs
Heritage expert Curtis Dubay blogged about a new study conducted by Ernst and Young. The study finds that, if Congress misguidedly adopted President Obama’s plan to raise taxes on job creators by allowing the Bush-era tax policies to expire for incomes over $200,000 ($250,000 for married filers), the economic output would fall 1.3%, unemployment would increase and wages would fall.


This Infographic Helps You Visualize the Size of the Impending Tax Hike

Why We Must Defend Defense
The Coalition for the Common Defense launched a new ad focused on heightening Americans’ awareness about the severe defense budget cuts referred to as “sequestration.” Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta cautioned lawmakers that sequestration cuts will be “devastating” to national defense, yielding the “smallest ground forces since 1940,” “a fleet of fewer than 230 ships, the smallest level since 1915,” and the “smallest tactical fighter force in the history of the Air Force.” Read a blog post by defense experts Steve Bucci and Owen Graham on this threat. Included in the post is a link to Heritage's video series entitled America at Risk.

There Was No Lockbox for Seniors
Aging Americans would be wrong to assume that the payroll taxes they paid over their years of working are somehow going to pay for their Medicaid benefits. Current benefits are paid for mostly by payroll tax revenues from current workers. As a result, the Medicare program faces huge structural deficits, and seniors face automatic benefit reductions in 2024—or working Americans will shoulder enormous tax increases—if reforms are not enacted. Read Heritage expert Kathryn Nix’s rationale for moving to a premium support model.

Senate Tells LOST to Get Lost
The Constitution requires 67 Senators to ratify a treaty, but the Law of the Sea Treaty is now officially opposed by 34 Senators, effectively killing it until a new Senate is seated. Conservatives must remain alert since a single flipped vote can still change that outcome. Heritage Senior Vice President David Addington gives a thorough overview of the work Heritage did to oppose the treaty.

Tool Kit Item: Don’t Just Pile Your Literature on a Table—Use Your Exhibit Booth to Engage People!
Your organization can increase its outreach significantly by using best practices when exhibiting at conferences. A marketing company surveyed thousands of conference attendees to determine the most effective techniques at exhibit booths. Learn what improvements you can make by reading the key findings at InsiderOnline.org.